Reading 6.1 Modeler documentation about correlation services.
They reference
For more information about the pub.prt:CorrelationService service (which is in the WmPRT
package), see the webMethods Built-In Services Reference.
I found this in the documentation, but not in the Integration server?
Is there one, or do we just build one with the same inputs/outputs?


Actually pub.prt:CorrelationService is Specification not a Service.This is used for specifying inputs/outputs when you develop a correlation service(flow service) in the developer.So you will not see this as a service in the WmPRT pacakge,it shows just as a Specification.

“A correlation service is associated with one or more steps in a process model. The process run time (PRT)
uses the correlation service associated with a step to route IS documents as inputs into that step to a
running instance of the model, where appropriate. For more about correlation services, see the webMethods
Modeler User’s Guide” for more information.


OK, that is what I thought when I re-read it.
Now if only it will actually call myCorrelationService…
But that is another message after I do some more debugging…