What is use of pub.prt.correlate.establishCorrelation service?


If you have two action model ie. if you are receiving a document from partner and sending back the response to trading partner, so you will send the original document received from partner to backend systems through model actions and then wait for response from backend systems to come, so that you can correlate the response document with the already running instance.
Here you will need the correlation service where you will constitute the logic so that the same document will be linked to already running instance, as a result the response document will be processed and sent to trading partner.

Hope it helps, let me know if you need more clarifications.


In addition to above comment, one action model which is having acknowledement part also have establishCorrelation to join into right process instance.

One Action Model/process:
Sender send document to Receiver
Receiver send acknowledgment back to Sender

Two Action model/Process:
Sender send request document to Receiver
Receiver send acknowledgment back to Sender for request document
Sender send response doc to Receiver in the same process
Receiver send acknowledgment back to Sender for response document

Hi ,
the severvice mentioned above is we are using in process model step.Input to this step we are giving one document.out put of this step we are giving many steps.as per your responce you explianed like Trading partners.we are not using here Trading partners.how it works in case of processmodels?please explain me clearly.

If you are not using TN processing/Partners then select MappingType:IS and later if any document is joining in the middle/any point in the process (PID) thats part of pub.prt:processData it gets associated/correlated.

What the service does is:
Sets up a correlation between a correlation ID and a process ID or between a conversation ID (for a Trading Networks document) and a process ID.