correlation service


I am new for modeler. Can i know where (for what step)should we set correlation service?

In my model,
Step 1: Subscribes to docA

Step 2: Map docA-docB and publish docB to broker

Step 3: Subscribes to docB.

Can i know in which step should i use correlation service?

Also, The model is not getting triggered in the first place. Do i need to enable the model first? ( do i need to run some scripts?)

Sorry if this there is an answer already in the previous posts.I was unable to find an answer.Please help.


You need to set the correlation id in your receive step for docA which will be available in docB and then retrieve the correlation id in the receive docB service. These steps are clearly mentioned in the webMethods_BPM_and_BAM_Quick_Start_Guide_651.pdf available on

You need to enable the model for execution. There are no scripts for this.

Hope this helps.