Publishing a Web Service using IS


I have downloaded the WmEWS package for Web Services development for IS 4.6… I developed a simple hello service under WmEWS/pub/samples/services as Hello… it’s a simple flow service that uses “concat” to cancat two strings… where string1 is a constant "Hello " and string2 is the input to the service as your_name… the result is "Hello "… I tested it and it works…

Now I’m trying to turn into a Web Service… the tutorial found under [url]http://localhost:5555/WmEWS[/url] “Create and Consume Your First Web Service”, HelloWorld Tutorial… has a section on “Publishing the Web Service” … it’s supposed to show how to publish it as a web service, but all I see is how to BROWSE and INVOKE existing web services… and I don’t see my web service there when I browse I only see “addIntegers” under samples/services… even though I created another service “Hello”…

So really in short I’m looking for documentation on how to publish a flow service as a web service using WmEWS… since the HelloWorld tutorial on Developing and Consuming Your First Web Service only shows how to browse the Web Services…

Note: I already browsed and tested existing web services… I just need to know how to publish my first hello world like web service!

Ken A


I was doing the exact same thing you were and ran into the same problem. The piece that is not mentioned is that you must set the Access Control LIst for the Folder your service is in to something that you have access to outside of developer. I set mine to anonymous since this is a test server and I am just testing.
Click on the folder and select Anonymous or whatever access you want from the dropdown list. It may help to have your HelloWorld process ACL set to Anonymous also.