Public and Private key generation for IS


I want to establish sftp connection. can anyone please let me know how can I generate public and private key for IS.

Any document that can help me here. I am working on 9.7 IS and OS is solaris.



in the Home-Directory of your Solaris user execute the following command:

ssh-keygen -b 4096 -t rsa -C <user>@<first part of the host name>

After that you will find the following files in the “.ssh” sub directory:

  • id_rsa (the private key)
  • (the public key)

The 4096 is the number of bits to use for the key.

Try “man ssh-keygen” for further informations.


Thanks Holger.

Here is the summary of my requirement:

I have Soris system. I want one of directory should act as SFTP server, So other system can connect to this SFTP location and can read, move the files.

Once I have private and public key, can I share this public key to other server so that they can establish a SFTP connection and can get the file from SFTP location.

Also do I need to create CSR or not in case of SFTP ?

Also one more thing If I generate private public key using tool like openssl, these keys will work to for establishing SFTP connection. ?

My re


we have created the key for oru SFTP connections like described above.
We have then handed teh public key to the host of the SFTP server to include it in their configuration somewhere.
We were not providing the SFTP service but only connecting to the SFTP server of one of our partner systems.

This is only required if you want to use key-based authentication instead of password-based authentication.