How to create sftp public key for Windows IS system

We have a partner that we will be connecting to on their sftp server. They’ve asked us to provide them the ip addresses of our servers for whitelisting and to give them our public key. Is there an easy way to generate the servers’ public keys within IS? Also, we have a clustered environment so do we need to do t his for each specific server? Any help would be appreciated. I was hoping there was a way to do it in IS or a simple flow service in Designer.


Hi Damon,

The key needs to be generated in OS by i.e. using ssh-genkey to generate an RSA-Key for your account used to run the IS.
Place this key on both nodes of the cluster and provide this key to your SFTP-Partner system.

See IS Administrators Guide for further informations about how to set up SFTP Server Alias and SFTP User Alias in IS Admin UI.


on windows, you can try putty gen:
free and easy to use.

on Windows, you can use software like “key store explorer” , “Portecle” for generating publickey and private key.

KeyStore Explorer - Download

Portecle download |

It is very easy to use.