Pubclientftp issues

I want to grab the files from remote server. The files on the remote might have special characters like & ,<,> etc. How can I grab the files with encoded data like & etc. Will the encoding parameter in pub.client.ftp can do this for me.

Please Advice.

I am guessing that you are referring to filenames?

Note that special characters in the filename depends on the OS (e.g. Windows OS will not take “<”>" in the filename). If the OS accepts the filenames, you should be able to use the pub.client:ftp service as well as all of the other services in pub.client.ftp:*. Note that if you are transferring between platforms (e.g. Unix and Windows) and a special character is valid in one OS but not in the other, you can set different values for “remotefile” and “localfile” in the pub.client.ftp:get and pub.client.ftp:put services.

Try pub.string:HTMLDecode to decode your filename before doing the FTP.

A fine suggestion? Use the open source FTP Java libs from edt. These work really well with both OSs.