pub.string:isNullOrBlank error - [ISS.0086.9252] key[inString] does not exist in the pipeline

I came across unexpected behavior regarding the pub.string:isNullOrBlank service in that it doesn’t appear to accept nulls.

Initially I mapped a “Phone” string to a phone field in a document reference. In testing, the phone field in the document reference was null or non-existent. I also confirmed, in a debuglog step before the pub.string:isNullOrBlank step, that the “Phone” string was null. Next, I mapped the “Phone” string to the “inString” in the pub.string:isNullOrBlank service. At this step, the flow service threw the following error: “[ISS.0086.9252] key[inString] does not exist in the pipeline”.

I was able to get around this by initializing the “Phone” string in a map step before mapping it to the document reference phone field. Even though the document reference phone field was still non-existent, the pub.string:isNullOrBlank step no longer threw an error.

Attached are the debuglog messages showing the contents of the “Phone” string. One message, showing null, is the contents without initializing the “Phone” string. The other message is the contents when the “Phone” string was initialized.

Wondering if someone has an understanding of this behavior. Thanks.


Hi Ken,

please check for latest IS Core Fix for you wM version.

There is a new service isNullWhitespaceOrEmpty, which should be used as a replacement for isNullOrBlank as this one seems to have some bugs.


Hi Holger,

Thanks for your reply. I checked the Fix Explorer (single fix), but did not find any fixes for the version of IS we’re running (10.0).

Will continue with the workaround for now.