pub.schema:validate (error NV-003)

Hi all,

I tried to validate xml using xsd.
I have xsd file as attached and convert in to xml document type.
When I tried to call pub.schema:validate I got error NV-003 =>
pathname : /IncomingDaily
error message :[ISC.0082.9003] Unable to locate a matching element declaration

are there any problem in my xsd or xml?
Please help.
test.xml (1.57 KB)
xsdtest.xsd (6.68 KB)

Hi Junedi,

can you provide a screenshot of your pub.schena:validate configuration?

Provide screenshots of the generatted DocType and schema as well.

Most likely you will have to create a DocType node in Designer by using the xsd as a source.
You can then validate against the schema node which has been created along side with the document(s).

See IS Built-In Services Guide for further informations.


Hi Holget,

Thank you for your reply,
I have created xml document type by that xsd.
Flow in my services.

  1. Getfile (string)
  2. XmlStringToNode
  3. Validate
    Belongsto variable => schema created from xsd.

Still got the same error

Hi Junedi,

I think I found the issue.

Your XML-File is missing the namespace declaration, therefore validate cannot lookup the right schema.

Please add xmlns=“” to your Start-Tag: