pub.client:smtp timeout setting?

We are experiencing connection issues to our smtp server that even caused our service to hang during the call to pub.client:smtp. Is there a way to set a timeout for this so that we aren’t waiting forever for a response? I’ve looked thru the various watt settings but am unable to find one specific for smtp timeout. Also found watt.config.systemproperties mentioned in the guides but it doesn’t give the possible settings you could set using that.

Anyone know how to set the timeout for smtp calls?

Thanks, Diane


Here are the steps to set the timeout parameter per the articlesr:

IS does not assume any connection timeout so the default timeout is infinite (This is as per design).
Now we have 2 ways to set the timeout:

  1. Mention in input variable “properties” while running the SMTP service.
  2. If you want a single setting for timeout which will be applicable for all the invocation of “pub.client:smtp” service then set the timeout as part of watt property “watt.config.systemProperties”(as mentioned in the IS Built in services guide).
    e.g.: watt.config.systemProperties=mail.imap.partialfetch=true,mail.smtp.connectiontimeout=30000,mail.smtp.timeout=30000

To modify this watt property login to IS Admin and go to ?Settings > Extended? follow the steps:
A: Go to Settings > Extended.
B. Click on link ?Show and Hide Keys?. If the checkbox for watt.config.systemProperties is not already selected then select, now click save button.
C. Now again go to ??Settings > Extended? click on ?Edit Extended Settings? link. Now if already some value is there for watt property ?watt.config.systemProperties? then append the timeout setting as mentioned in step 2 else set this watt property with timeout settings.

Please test it out and let us know if this serve’s any better to resolve this issue:


Thank you for those values to try, where did you find them? I looked all thru the built in services guide and found the info about the watt setting but could not find anywhere the possible values to set using it.

I’ll let you know how it works once I’ve tested this out.

Thanks, Diane

We will find out the fish :slight_smile: I know it’s not well documented on the BIS, but yes for your info it’s up on the Empower articles for more handy!!!|timeout&SessionID=630603788


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