Pub.client:http service fails “Connection timed out” if the server is down?

Pub.client:http service fails with “Connection timed out” error message if the server is not available.

I have a service that posts and XML message via the Pub.client:http service. The problem I am having is that if the server is not available then the service terminates immediately. It throws the “Connection timed out” error message and then stops the service altogether. It does not get to any of the error handling routines I have after that. Is there a way to have the service continue after it encounters this error message. I just want it to email when the server is down.

How is your try/catch error handling sequences used in your flow.Isn’t it this way?? pls make sure…

Main Sequence(on Success)
---->sub Sequence(On Failure) --Try
-------->all the logic goes inside here
---->sub Sequence(On Done)–Catches the error
-------->getLastError(extract the error object here)
-------->send Email alert to users

Thus the error should go into the catch sequence block for error trapping.


I checked my first sequence and it was set to (on failure). Changing that fixed the problem. Thanks for your help!

Glad to hear it worked…