Pub.client:http keeps getting http status 503 when invoked from apigateway or restored (override) pipeline

Hi, can anyone help me with my problem.
I’m currently a new user in webMethods and right now i’m using Service Designer to create a new Flow Service.
The flow was simple, if the request doesn’t have a value in some field, it’ll generated from a response of API.


The Problem is when i’m run the flow service using an example which i’m inputed.
The response will be http status 200

but if i’m invoke that flow service using gateway or debug pipeline restore (override),
the response http status will be 503 (even when the service was up).

is there anything in the request from apigateway which make this pub.client:http error or not found the service?

I’m currently using version Enterprise

Thank you for your help

hi @ivan.aribanilia ,
I tried to replicate the scenario, But this works for me
Steps I followed
1.Created service in IS server
2. Created RAD for it
3. Configured the endpoints on API GW
4. Invoked the request from postman client
5. Got 200 OK response

Changes Done

  1. use save pipeline in the flow service
  2. then restore from pipeline
  3. No other changes were made
  4. Invoked the request from postman client
  5. Got success response

Possible reasons for failure

  1. Some issue while fetching the data using public restore service which is causing 503 error

If it is possible please share the sample which you are trying i will try to verify from my end.

Vikash Sharma

Hi Ivan,

in addition to Vikash´s answer:
Please check the logs on the target server for any informations when status 503 is returned in comparison to when status 200 is returned.