PSUtilities copyFile - specified path is not in read allow l


I am trying to use the PSUtilities:file.copyFile function to copy a file from a network share over to a directory on the WebMethods server. I have updated the PSUtilities config file to include the network share path to the ‘allowedWritePaths’ and ‘allowedReadPaths’ properties. I have then reloaded the PSUtilities package. However I get the following error message still: Specified path is not on the read allowed list in the PSUtilities configuration file!

Is there something I have missed?


this may or may not have anything to do with what you are trying to do.

Early on I had a few issues similar using the writeToFile but I was not using a network share.

My problems where when I was using the test XML tool from within developer my problem seemed to be that my ID in WM was not the same as the ID that had permissions to write to that directory. My id was cbordeaux in WM and cbordeau on the server. When I created a new ID called cbordeau on WM everything began working.