Copy file operation not working


I am having issue in execute file operation in post-processing event.

I am trying to copy files from one remote location to current configured ATS server(where we configured in MWS).
Here is the configuration:

Execute the actions below when a user [ UPLOADS ] files.
Additional Criteria:
The folder name is: Any name
File name: Provided VFS of source location (where I upload the files). Also tested the connectivity, which is successful.


Execute file operation.
Action name - copy
File path: Created in ATS server (say /tmp/filecopy)

Rest all options for the event are default which are not modified.

Also this event is not getting triggered to check in event logs. Could anyone please help me to fix this issue?

Thanks and regards,
Ajay Bhargav.


Did you manage to resolve this issue?
Was it a config issue or did you installed any fixes?