PSFT E1 Adapter exception


Curious if anyone has seen this exception before:

[ART.117.4002] Adapter Runtime (Adapter Service): Unable to invoke adapter service ProcurementMovementAndDisposition.AdapterServices:SelectF4311.
java.sql.SQLException: [SQL0913] Row or object F4311 type *FILE in use.
at com.jdedwards.database.impl.physical.PreparedStatementDecorator.executeQuery(Unknown Source)

The object lock on this table is Shared Read. Here is another error which occured yesterday evening. These seem to occur more frequently in the past few days. The CPU is at 77%…we have seen difficulties when it reaches above 80%, but not when it’s typically a lower percentage.

Transaction Description : [ART.117.4002] Adapter Runtime (Adapter Service): Unable to invoke adapter service HomSalesOrder.SrcPSEO.AdapterServices:consolidateSalesOrdersFromF4211.
com.jdedwards.system.kernel.CallObjectSystemException: Server problem. The server may still be available, but because of state information, the entire unit-of-work must be resubmitted

Thanks for your assistance.


This sounds like an AS/400 database issue to me, but I freely admit that I don’t have the pleasure of working with AS/400 projects very often.

What happens when you put the call to this service in a REPEAT block and retry it a few times? In order words, if this is a transient error retrying it 2-3 times might allow the call to go through.

Also, if you create a simple java client that uses JDBC to perform the same SQL operation does it encounter the same issue? My guess would be that it would which would lead you to conclude that it is the resource (database) and not the adapter.



The same issue has been reported for JDBC adapter services. Also, the error is fairly random. It happens on disparate interfaces on either E1 or JDBC adapter services. This weekend we restarted the PSEO application server and bounced the webMethods IS. It seems to have reduced these errors, but they still occur infrequently (just a few this week).

The test I was thinking of would use a standalone java program to attempt to recreate the issue, not an IS JDBC Adapter Service.

If the issue occurse using the test harness java program, you could conclude that the issue is not on the webMethods side of the equation and focus instead on the AS/400.