Pruning DB in Integration Server amp Trading Networks

Is there any way provided by WM to prune Database used for Integration Server & Trading Networks…
if so, please let me know the way to do it.
Thanks in advance.
Balaji Kuduva

we use a combination of the following:

  1. built a wrapper service around (refer to TN built in services doc) and scheduled this service through IS.
  2. Delete records from BIZDOCCONTENT older than x days, with typename = ‘xxx’ for those messages that contain a large amount of content and should be deleted sooner than those picked up by 1) above. This keeps the storage size down but still allows for a longer period of audit records at a ‘what happened when’ level.
  3. delete records from ACTIVITYLOG (which 1) doesn’t).
  4. Reorganized the Trading Network schema for storage and
    performance improvement. This schema as created by the default wM .sql for oracle, doesn’t have any storage parameters and has indexes in same tablespace as tables, which is very BAD.