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Hi everyone.

Currently we are working with webMethods 8.0 and obviously we need to upgrade the platform. Our goal is to have webMethods 10.1 this year.

we have thought to begin the platform’s upgrade step-by-step. My question: can we install IS 10.1 as PROXY REVERSE in DMZ and to have an IS 8.0 in INTRANET working together?



I do think it is possible, but you could use other softwares just for that (apache, nginx, etc).

If, however, you are thinking on using a Mediator as a reverse proxy, you will need to have the remaining platform also on 10.1 to manage it (CentraSite, API) whilst being able to connect to you old 8.0.

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Thank you for your answer.

Currently we are only using Integration Server

  • IS 8.0 : DMZ, mode REVERSE INVOKE.
  • IS 8.0 : INTRANET.

Is possble?

  • IS 10.1: DMZ, mode REVERSE INVOKE.
  • IS 8.0 : INTRANET.

Thanks again.


I imagine it is technically possible because I’ve done something similar in a previous upgrade. However, the question you should ask is: is it supported? I would submit a ticket to Software AG to get an official answer on that.


Following advice from Percio, I submitted a ticket to Software AG. The answer was:

No, Reverse Invoke y el Internal Integration Server, release , service packt and Core fix must be in the same version. To have them in diferents versions is not suported.

I also echo with SAG response :)-