Provider WSD calling internal consumer WSD does not propagate Anonymous ACL

I am providing a webservice from webmethods. I have set the execute ACL as Anonymous for this webservice.
My provider service internally calls a consumer webservice. However, the consumer service returns an access denied error. The execute ACL on this consumer webservice is Internal (Inherited). Normally i would assume that the Anonymous ACL for the provider which gets triggerred first is propagated to all the services called internally, however this is not the case. Attached the screen shots of the provider and consumer.

Also for the consumer WSD, i see that i cannot set the permissions to :
Enforce Execute ACL when Top Level Service only (or) ALways

Everything works fine when i set the consumer also to anonymous. My only question is shouldnt the consumer inherit the ACL of the provider which is invoking it??
Provider Consumer WSD.docx (49.2 KB)

Basheer Unissa, PFA doc which answers your questions.
Provider Consumer WSD.docx (161 KB)