Protocolling the HTTP transfer between Tamino and X-Applicat


to analyze errors in the depth of your X-Applications, it is sometime very useful to have a protocol of the communication between the Java API for Tamino and the HTTP server of Tamino. A tool we already used for that reason is a ?HTTP Sniffer?. The sniffer is a proxy which collects the requests sent to him. It forward the request to the server it is the proxy for, and protocols both request and response.

To install such a sniffer, you can follow the listed steps.

However, the sniffer for the following example is not a “Software AG” tool. You install and use it according to the terms of the sniffer program. Therefore, check the licence conditions of the tool whether the tool is applicable for you.

Using to trace X-Application:

  • Download the sniffer from

    There is a Link HttpSniffer (in Perl) where you get the perl code.

  • Copy the sniffer code into a file of a directory of your PC. Let?s assume that this PC has the name ?myPC?.

  • Since the sniffer is written in Perl, make sure that a Perl interpreter is installed on ?myPC?. Otherwise you can not start the sniffer. For a Perl interpreter have a look at

  • Start the proxy:

    • Let?s assume your HTTP server for Tamino is installed on the machine ?taminoPC?. Than, the Tamino URL is ?http://taminoPC/tamino?.
    • Open a console window on ?myPC?.
    • Change to the directory where you copied the
    • Invoke the proxy with the following parameters

      perl ?body=all -p 3500 -r taminoPC:80 -l protocol.txt

      With these parameters the proxy is available by the URL http://myPC:3500/ and it stores the communication protocol into the file protocol.txt.

  • Try out the proxy:

  • Configure the X-Application for it sends its Tamino request to the Proxy and not to the Tamino Server.

    • Open the web.xml file of your X-Application which troubles you with a normal text editor
    • replace the paramer value of ?TAMINO_URL? (should be http://taminoPC/tamino) by the URL of the proxy http://myPC:3500/tamino
    • Start your application and reproduce the Error.
    • Zip the protocol.txt file and post the file to the community.

If you have problems by tracing the communication, send a post to this topic.


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