Program Editor on Natural v6.1.1.3

Hi There,
Can any one help me. I am new in Natural.

The system is running on Natural v6.1.1.3.

Last week I modified a program using editor, when the program was displayed on the screen, I could insert the new line, modified the the existing line and save the program. Then I went to modify the Map file using MAP editor.

Later on I went back to program editor to modify another program, I could modify the existing line but I CAN NOT insert a new line.

Hi Yossy,

Welcome to the wonderful world of Natural.

A little extra information will help people to help you.

Which platform are you using - UNIX or Windows?

Your description “CAN NOT insert a new line” is a bit vague? Exactly what do you do and what happens when you do it?


Graeme Lane

Hi Graeme, thanks for your response.

I am running on UNIX.

The following is the screen where I worked on.

------Columns 001 072< Mode Struct Lib YOSD
****** ****************** top of data ********************
000010 *
000020 *
000030 *

Previously When I would like to insert a new line eg 000015, at the end of line 000010, hit enter key. It’s created a new line. But now the cursor just gone to the next line without creating a new line.


Hi Yossy,

To insert lines type an “i” on the line number above where you want the new line to go or an “in” to insert n empty lines.

For more information about the program editor look in the Editors Manual.

You really need to talk to your manager about some training.



Thanks a lot Graeme. It’s ok now.