Insert Program Variables into Data Editor

An extremely useful capability of the mainframe data editor is to extract local and/or parameter data variables from a program object and insert these into the data editor (using .i in data editor). Natural for Unix does not seem to support this feature (I am using Natural 6.1.1 PL17). I would like to know if this is possible or if there are plans to implement this on open systems?


I am using Nat 6.2 where I can find this Function in the INSERT-Menu by choosing IMPORT.

On the Unix-Program-Editor this works like follows:

Mark one line with “A” (=insert after) or “B” (=insert before).
To insert the source LDA-Test type: copy LDA-TEST
To insert line 1 to 5 of the source LDA-Test type: copy LDA-TEST 1 5