Productivity gain using Flow compared with Java

Hi members,

I have requirement to develop REST based integration interfaces in large number. My team is new to webMethods but have Java knowledge. In long term I think it will be faster and productive to use Flow than Java. Only problem is I do not have any metric or official doc to convince my seniors that I am going to save x% less effort (hence the cost) going with Flow compared to Java. Please can someone provide guidance or advise.

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FYI, I have read this old thread from 2007.

Hi Neo,

see replies to this thread:

Depending on the version of wM you intend to use the list of Built-In-Services has been increased a lot over time (i.e. by incorporating services from PSUtilities, WmSSH2 (for SFTP) and other helper packages created by SAG Consultants to assist customers with functionalities which were not present in the Core at the time they were needed).