processing multpile STs in one ISA as one single transaction

I’ve a client who expects all the 820 transaction sets to be combined in one envelope. I could do that while preparing the doucment. For example, I’ve three ST segmenst for EDI 820 and one ISA over it with GS02 as 3. When I post this to TN it splits to three different transactions of EDI 820. I set the TPA for Partner Pair option splitOption as Interchagne. Is there anything else I’m missing here. I’m woking with webmethods 6.1, EDI X12 4010



There are a couple things you can check:

  1. The TPA is called ‘EDITPA’
  2. The TPA is enabled
  3. The sender/receiver of the TPA is either unknown/unknown (default TPA) or matches the identified sender/receiver of the transaction document exactly. Remember that the TPA is directional… So a TPA where sender is company A and receiver is company B will not match to a document where the sender is company B and receiver is company A.