Processing Flat Files in wM 61


I am processing a flat file with the following structure: A header record and multiple detail records. The header record has a record identifier in positions 1-8 followed by several other fields. The detail records have no record identifier and thus use the default record structure as defined in the dictionary/schema. The problem occurring is that the testing community is sending in files which do not contain the record identifier and therefore the IS cannot recognize the header record. We are using the converToValues service to parse the file and are capturing errors and returning them to the source via an email attachment. However, because the convertToValues service cannot recognize the header record, all records are treated as detail records and the errors returned relate only to detail records. The testers would like the error to refer to the missing record identifier, but I cannot find a way to capture this in any of the output of the convertToValues. Does anyone know of a way to capture the fact that the actual error is a malformed header record? Thanks, Michael

If Header record-identifier is not valid then convertToValues will throw an exception not found valid records and will stop execution.How you are displaying the errors for detail records?