Query in Parsing flat file

Hi ,

Will webMethods be able to parse a file which have a Header,Data and Trailer.

Header and Trailer will appear only once in the file while Data can appear unlimited amount of times and Header, Trailer and Data dont have any record identifiers, can this be parsed using a FF schema and Dict.


Hello, Use flatfileSchema, dictionary to get it done. Please see documentation for more details.


Thanks MR

Each record don’t have an record identifier at all. Header , Trailer and Detail.

I was in doubt how wM will identify between Header , Trailer and Detail. Could you please tell how this can be done exactly.


Hi Harikrishnan,

Parsing a flat file need record identifiers.

Generating a flat file need no record identifiers by using “recordWithNoID” of record definition.

If any one has a better solution, please let me know.