Processing Doc in TN

Hi Guys,

Can you please tell me in how many ways TN process an incoming FF and a XML doc in TN …

Please review the TN User guide/concepts/built in services guide for more information.

Anyways there are services to process FF and XML to TN via

tn.doc:routeXML (for XML to TN) or
tn:receive (for XML to TN) (for FF to TN)


Thanks RMG for your information.

Any guess, any other ways besides above one …

what other ways are you looking other than above and client:http (invoke tn:receive) or WmTNWeb Document submission or MWS → B2B–> document submission differrent ways you can post it to TN XML only but not FF though (as it uses stream input)…

Please review the TN guides and TN built in services guide for more clarity info.