Processed/error: insufficient-message-security

Hello Everyone,

I am working with AS2 setup with one of my partner, i have shared our public cert to partner and also installed partner public cert in MWS and Integration server. After complete the setup we had received the EDIINT in MWS but it was failed with “processed/error: insufficient-message-security” . in webMethods (MWS) it has configured SMIME type with
SignedAndEncryption and Digest Algorithm with SHA 256.

Could someone help me on this issue.

Hi Ameer,
In general, such issue is caused by incompatible SMIME type during processing. It seems Partner sending a document that was encrypted, but not signed while the Partner Profile has the “SMIME Type” field set to “signedAndEncrypted”. Can you please check if setting the “SMIME Type” field in the Partner Profile to “encrypted” helps?

May be looking at the EDIINT Install and user guide will help too.

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