Process instance id not same as Converstaion ID in webmethods 9.x version

As we migrate to 9.6 version ,it is noticed that process instance id is not same as conversation ID in MWS .

Do we need to use any special handling for this ?

Hi Anjana,

can you provide some more details please?

What is your source version you are migrating from?

Why should the IDs be the same?

It might be that has been used in a wrong way in the past already.

Can you describe your scenario more detailed?


The migration is from 6.5 where process instance id in Portal is same as TN Conversation .

This is necessary for trouble shooting for failures if any. Partners give conv id for the document sent out and need to look that in wmportal [6.5] or MWS[9.6] to troubleshoot.

This was same in 6.5 ,we had same value for conversation id in TN and process instance id in portal

Just to add - there is no correlation service set up .
Do you think that helps here ?if yes which all service can I use for it [ will help ? ]

Hi Anjana,

pub.prt.log:logCustomID might be an option as well.
This one assigns a customer value (conversation id in your case) to the real process instance id (PID).

You should donwload the appropriate versions of the following Documents from the Documenation area:

  • TN Build-In-Services Guide
  • BPM_Process_Development_Help (contains the PRT Build-In Services)

Additionally you should take a look at the ReleaseNotes and Readmes for TN and PRT/PE to check what has changed in which release.


Anjana – Even you can think of Correlation option as well besides Holger suggestion. I would suggest to reach SAG to know why the behaviour is like this after migration.


Thanks both of you for the suggestion and will try on this to let you know