Is there a way to use the process instance ID as the correlation ID?

I’m calling pub.prt.correlate:establishCorrelation as a workaround, but I wondered: could I configure the process to do this in a simpler way?


Or a more basic question: is this a bad idea? It’s a very convenient ID to use, but are there downsides?


ProcessInstanceID can be used as correlation Id. ProcessInstanceID can be mapped as correlationID and the same can be used to join back the waiting process. One drawback of this is that the ProcessInstanceId needs to be passed to external system as it is required for correlation purpose. If it is possible to use a field from transational data (like ordernumber / invoice number) for correlation better to use it instead of ProcessInstanceID.

Hope this info is useful.


Thanks Vishnu. Your comment is 100% right; we just happen to use the process instance ID already as a correlation field for something else, so the external system is already aware of it.

In terms of mapping it to correlation ID, is there a neater way to do it than calling the establishCorrelation PRT service?

Thanks again!

Hi Rob,

I doubt that there is any other way to establish correlation.

May I ask the issue you are facing with this service?

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Hi Ninad

No issues. I was asking about it because generally you can establish a correlation just by configuring the process. In this case the process instance ID doesn’t seem to be selectable in configuration, which seemed a bit strange as it’ll definitely be an available field, so I was asking about it in case I missed something.