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Are there any alternative services which can be used instead of . With webMethods 7.1.2 ,we are not planning to install WmPRT and since the above service ( )internally uses from WmPRT ,its creating issues.

Are there any workarounds for this ? Let me know . Thanks in advance.

you can create your own service for this. Try to customize it with:
or other service under

Hi… internally is using from WMPRT … Any alternative to avoid this one ?

you can also create your own copy of, and customize.
You can simply remove the line of from it.
(don’t change the original service, just make change on your own version.)


Another solution is not to extract conversationID for the document…
When conversationID is set for document, TN sends the document to associated Process model…


all above steps are work around,

before it wasn’t a case. why are the services in WmTN packages calling services in WmPRT pacakge. If this is case why WmTN packages does not have package dependency on WmPRT.

Even we had a same issue after 65 SP3 upgrade and we had to enable WmPRT package even when not needed.

I feel raising a call with SAG may help to get a patch to fix this issue.



“When conversationID is set for document, TN sends the document to associated Process model”…This might be reason the WmTN package having dependency with WmPRT or viceversa.


agreed. Our previous interfaces were developed to use conversational ID without of WmPRT packages. ConversationalID were to identify a unique tranasaction in request reply model.

And suddendly after SP3 upgrade routing service failed and we had to enable WmPRT package.

so does it mean that conversationID should only be used in case we are using process run time ?


Yes as per the new process and where you set in establishCorrelation as TN and map the conversationID.