Process a FlatFile from FTP

Hello together,

I’m trying to get around with processing a FlatFile from the integrated FTP Server.

I first want to explain what I did already and what is working:
I added an FTP port (8021) and I can connect to my IS via an FTP Client. I can find the folders according to my folder and service structure in my WebMethods Designer.

In the Designer I created a folder containing everything for my flat file processing. I created a schema, which I tested successfully. I also created a doctype, which contains the five string fields, which I am using in my flat file.

The last thing I created was a flow service with two elements: and pub.flatFile.convertToValues
I defined a String value as Input for the FlowService and entered the content of my test text file (2 addresses). I used the stringToStream Service to convert the input String to a Stream and connected that output to the input of the convertToValues Service.

In the convertToValues Service I entered the fully qualified name of my schema and connected the ffValues Output object to my previously created output document reference of type address (my custom doctype).

Now if I run the service everything works great. But instead of entering my flat file data manually as an input variable, I want to upload my little text file to my WebMethods FTP server.

If I try to upload that text file to the folder according to my flow service, I always get an “access denied” error message. I think I have to add a service, which can process the text file. But what do I have to choose for input? Do I also have to change something in the IS Administration? I read something in some other threads, but I think this should not be nescessary.

Can you please provide me some information about the nescessary services? I feel, that this scenario should be pretty easy.

I really would appreciate your help! Thank you!!


Change the execute ACL of the service you’re calling, or pass the IS credentials from your FTP client.

Hi Reamon,

thanks for your answer! I use my Administrator account to login to my FTP Server. I expected, that this user should have enough rights to put data in the designated folder. However I will check that again.

Can anybody tell me, if I have chosen the right services or which I have to choose?

Thanks in advance!


One thing that may help–don’t view IS as though it is an “FTP server.” It isn’t, in the traditional sense. It simply supports calling a service using the FTP protocol. So you’re not putting the file to a “folder”. You’re putting it to a service.

Put the file to the service you wrote. You may need to tweak the input vars. Refer to the wM docs.