Problems with WmEDIforTN.VAN.ftp:login service

It worked great until yesterday. We’ve been sending and received EDI documents from our VAN (Sterling Commerce) for about 6 months. However, yesterday this service began to return a strange session ID. It contains alpha characters and a few ‘+’ (plus signs). When this occurs, any FTP commands we attempt later in the service fail because the session ID is invalid.

Has anyone had this problem?

The session ID should look like this:

However, what we’re now getting looks like this:

An interesting point here is we can disable the VAN.ftp.login step and insert the WmPublic/pub.client.ftp:login and this ftp login returns the correct session key.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • Scott

I’ve seen a problem in the past where if you MIX the two services (VAN.ftp.login and WmPublic/pub.client.ftp:login ) the sessionKey will become populated with “trash” information. Try using only one service all the way thru and see what happens.