Problems with Triggers

Hi All,

I’am trying to subcribe document from the broker I’am getting this exception. com.wm.lan.flow.FlowException while executing the trigger Rejecting Document for trigger store:servicename:triggername.

Plz try to help me


Can you give us some more details.

Hi Jay,

I’am pulling data from the database and publishing the doucment on the broker and using trigger i’am subscribing that document and i have to write that in the local disk.

These are the steps in the hanlder service;

1)Map set service name
2) pub:xmldoctostring
3) psutil:writetofile

and i’am getting these exceptions com.wm.lang.flowexception while execting the trigger: Rejecting document from trigger store
and in the IS logs it is saying tha com.lang.FlowException at pub:xmldoctostring. I’am successfully able to write it into the local disk when iam using simple doctype when it comes to the doclist its throwing this exception.

IF you have any idea abt this plz reply


The trigger error is just telling you your flow service isn’t working. The real error is your xmldoctostring service isn’t working correctly. Which there is not a xmldoctostring service, do you mean documentToXMLString? If so try putting your flow service into a try/catch and stepping through it. The error will be more might be more apparent. If you are still having problems with the error interpretation then, post the full error here.

Sequence (Main) Exit on Success
…Sequence(try) Exit on Failure -You logic goes here
… Sequence(Catch) Exit on Done - Handle the Error here.

My guess is you are probably trying to map a broker document directly to an xml string and its throwing some errors because it doesn’t like the no root node of the broker document ie it may be getting hung up on the _env.


Hi uwhiz,
pub:xmldoctostring can convert only document to string not documentlist to string. Loop over the document list and then convert each document to the string and write it to the disk.

Hi Mark,

I have modified my flow service like this:

1)sequence main
2) sequence try
3) pub:xml:xmlnodetodocument

Now i’am getting java.lang.calss.CastException at pub:xml:xmlnodetodocument

Any Ideas,


Since your publishable doc is your input into the flow service, just add a map step at beginning, drop the _env part and then map your document into the documentToXMLString, you may also need to specify is not xml in the settings for documentToXMLString depending on your structure. Drop this part pub:xml:xmlnodetodocument, you can’t go from a node with a document as input.

Did you try to save the pipeline and see whats actually comming?

Hi guys,

I’am sending the package just see and plz let me knw where i’am doing wrong.

I’am getting these errors.
com.wm.lang.flowexceptions while execting trigger Rejecting document for trigger store

The persons doc is being published on the broker and i have to subcribe it and write it one the disk. The service which is publishing this persons doc is not provided here.

Suggest me


Hi guys,

Here is the package

uwhiz (8.41 KB)

did you tried to save the pipeline and see whats actually comming into the service?

Hi All,

When I use pub:savepipelinetofile , its creating a file in the pipeline with the data which i need but when I’am reallu subscribing the data I’am getting exceptions

Missing activation in the envelope document type Foldername:documentname
and …com.lang.flowexception while execting the trigger

Any Ideas


I made changes to your package. check it and add your write to file service after documenttoxmlstring. This should work fine for you.