problems with the TPA queries

We are facing some problems with the TPA queries TN:

  1. An unqualified query is not showing all of the TPA’s that currently exist this we found out when we gave the agreement Id, it was showing soem records which it didnt show for the unqualified query.

  2. Queries qualified by Sender or Receiver ID generate Java errors
    “Query TPA Exception”
    (0) java.lang.ClassCastException:null
    (1) java.lang.ClassCastException:null


Tell me which version of Trading Network are you using ?

Hi talha,

We are using Trading Networks 6.1, and i believe all other components are of the same version, I hope you have a lead for this.

Thanks & Regards
Jafar Khan


I was asking that because 6.1 Trading Network has a SP1 for Trading Network server and Trading Network console which are interdependent, and webMethods strongly recomends those SP1 installed on both of them because it solves alot of bugs for Trading Network…

Talha Khan

Using TNS SP1 introduces this problem - I recently spoke to a webM tech support person but haven’t heard back from him with a resolution as yet. He did tell me about another known issue though (and they have already released a fix for that), if you have SP1 installed on the client side as well - with SP1 installed, even if you set the TAP to proposed, the set inputs doesn’t work. They have a fix for that but I am yet to get it.

Once I get the fix and put it in place - I will post the results. Hopefully it would do away with the classCastException too.


Thanks taurean please do that and let us know about the update …