Problems with Rule based roles : How it's working ?

Hi all,

liked with my previous thread about goups management, I’m facing problems with “Rule based roles”, especially with attributes.

1/ I have created a role named B2B with dynamic attribut DEP=B2B and I have added several users to this role.
=> As consequence, all those users will have an attribut DEP=B2B.

2/ I have create an other role named “AccessB2B” of type “Rule based roles”.
I set Match Criteria as “Match all …”.
All fields are blank but Users Attributs where I’ve put an attribut DEP with value B2B.
=> So my expectation is to have all users with an attribute DEP with a value B2B eligible to this role.

3/ Back to my Integration Server. I’ve created an ACL named “TstAccessB2B” linked to “System/AccessB2B”.

4/ I have created a dumy services in Developer and set READ capability only to ACL “TstAccessB2B”.
=> So my expectation is to have all users with DEP attribut set to B2B able to read the source code of this server.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work :mad: No user of B2B role are able to access to this source code.

So it get me nut : where I’m wrong ?

Thanks for your help