pseudo principals and TWS?

Hi all,

just experienced a strange behaviour:

I have set an ACL to a resource with an ACE for a pseudo principal, e. g. DAV:unauthenticated. The ACL method went through all right, but examining the ACL for the resource afterwards didn’t show the pseudo principal “DAV:unauthenticated”, but a principal “<D:href>/taminowebdavserver/administration/security/users/</D:href>”. Together with that the given privileges seem to apply to all principals for that resource.

May it be possible, that those pseudo principals “DAV:all”, “DAV:authenticated”, “DAV:unauthenticated”, “DAV:self”, and “DAV:property” don’t work on TWS in its current state of development?

If so I’d have to trim down our client to disable these “features” …?


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Hi Guy,

the pseudo principals are currently mapped to /taminowebdavserver/administration/security/users/ (/taminowebdavserver/administration/security/userdb for LDAP groups) in the ACEs, just for the principal-match Report ‘self’ works as described in webdav-acl draft 07.

regards Eckehard