problems with email processing

Having a problem with email listener. I setup the IS to check a notes server for email and then forward it a service that is waiting for it but the service doesn’t look correct

  1. I don’t see the subject line coming through which should be important

  2. the body comes through but then I get these error messages:
    2009-01-29 09:14:32 PST [ISP.0068.0025D] No content handler for content type text/html. Service bpm.mailToIS:completeTask called without content handler.
    2009-01-29 09:14:32 PST [ISS.0014.0016T] Invoking service bpm.mailToIS:completeTask
    2009-01-29 09:14:32 PST [ISS.0014.0016T] Invoking service pub.flow:tracePipeline
    2009-01-29 09:14:32 PST [ISP.0090.0001C] — START tracePipeline [1/29/09 9:14 AM] —
    2009-01-29 09:14:32 PST [ISP.0090.0008C] 0 contentStream {} = ‘’
    2009-01-29 09:14:32 PST [ISP.0090.0008C] 0 testbody = null
    2009-01-29 09:14:32 PST [ISP.0090.0002C] — END tracePipeline —
    2009-01-29 09:14:32 PST [ISS.0014.0016T] Invoking service pub.flow:savePipelineToFile

  3. it completely blows up when I try to send an attachment.

Any heelp is appreciated - trace is turned on so you can see how the flow is structure

its happening because you are not specifying the content type when sending email please refer to the following documentation


you will find it @ the following hierarchy


If you are using filename to attach a file to the message and the file is not a plain text file, you must set the contenttype and encoding. For example, to attach

contenttype: application/msword
filename: mydir/myfile.doc
encoding: base64