Problems with calling SAPRFC via OutboundMap Automatic string conversion

Hi all,

actually we’re using the SAP Business Connector 4.6 (CoreFix4, SR6) to integrate a customer-scenario.
In order to handle the process we create a flow service, which uses a step that calls a SAP-RFC via outbound map. The name of the called SAP-RFC is ‘BP_CENTRALPERSON_GET’. The flow for this RFC-call was created by using the RFC-Lookup functionality of the SAP BC.

The flow service has 4 input parameters (IV_BU_PARTNER_GUID, IV_EMPLOYEE_ID, IV_PERSON_ID and IV_USERNAME). As we can only provide the input for field IV_BU_PARTNER_GUID, the other parameters are filled with an empty value by using the ‘Set Value…’ function in SAP Business Connector Developer. When executing or debugging the service the RFC-call returns an exeption ‘$AbapExeption: NO_CENTRAL_PERSON’.
Executing the RFC in SAP directly with the same GUID leads to a correct result. The output parameters (EV_BU_PARTNER_GUID, EV_NAME, EV_PERSON_ID, EV_USERNAME, ET_EMPLOYEE_ID) are filled as expected.
So I decided to step a little bit more into detail and took the output in field EV_USERNAME (which is the normal SAP-UserID) after calling the RFC in SAP and used it as an input parameter for field IV_USERNAME for testing the service directly on the SAP BC Server (via Adapters - SAP - Lookup - Function By Name - Test Function).

As a result for field EV_BU_PARTNER_GUID I now get the value “QG/+Oh4sSXDhAAAArBCGoQ==” which is totaly different to the real, expected GUID. Providing this string in Business Connector for field IV_BU_PARTNER_GUID will work.

So, is there an automatic encoding or something else that converts the GUID into that string? If right, how do I have to encode the GUID to get this string?

Thanks in advance… :wink: