Problems with buffer pool in Batch mode

Hello all.
Thank you very much in advance for your attention.
I am working with Natural V 6.2.3 under Solaris.
I have a problem with the buffer pool and programs with the same name in several librarys when one library is STEPLIB. Working in On-line I don’t have any problem but in Batch mode, when the program first runs on the STEPLIB, the next executions of the program from other libraries do not load the module in the buffer pool and runs the program on STEPLIB library.
I know I have a parameterization problem but I don’t found the problem.
If anyone can help me I appreciate it.
I apologize for my bad English and I hope you understand me.

Best regards.



The parameter you are looking for is BPSFI

Hth, best regards,


Ok Wolfgang thank you very much.

Of course my problem is solved now.