Problems with ASP , array and Entire-X

Hello friends,


Hi Paulo;

you should check the documentation for the EntireX DCOM wrapper; array handling can be tricky depending on the type of client (VB, ASP etc…) and com binding.
From the main page of the documentation, go to “EntireX Developer’s Kit” and then “EntireX DCOM Wrapper”; I am confident you will find what you need there.

if you care to post your IDL then maybe someone can post back some sample code.

- arp

Hi Paulo,

your example code is working here.

What operating system version and what version of EntireX are you using ? Could you post your IDL file ?

Kind regards,

My OS is Windows XP Pro 2002 SP 1 and
EntireX 5.2.1 .
But I already done.
I just change the line
from “Dim code , name(100) , obj”
to “Dim code , name , obj”.
And It worked.

Thanks for all.