Problem with Entirex TOR file and Array

I have an ASP.NET EntireX client application with a Natural/ADABAS program functioning as the server. I am having issues with a TOR Custom Data Type ‘Array’. The same TOR file is currently used with a VB6 client and is working fine.

I can retrieve any one occurrence of the array but after that the data from any other occurrence is invalid. I have tried loading a data grid, the desired end result, and have also experimented with text boxes to be sure the data grid is not the problem. In either case the local object populated first, regardless of the occurrence number it is assigned to, will contain valid data from the assigned occurrence.

I have also experimented with assigning the return object from the Broker call to multiple generic objects. I then tried to take one occurrence from each of the generic local objects with the same result. The first text box (or data grid row) assigned, regardless of the object that it is taken from or the occurrence number, will contain the correct data. Any subsequent assignment will contain what looks like the first several characters from the first assignment.

When the TOR array is replaced with a string and parsed in the ASP.NET application all data is accessible so I believe the mainframe side is working correctly. The TOR file array is a requirement of the project. We want to maintain a single TOR file for the VB6 and APS.NET application.

The VB6 application was implemented using EntireX Communicator version 5.3.1. We have upgraded to version in the course of this project.

Is anyone out there using an EntireX TOR custom array with ASP.NET?

Any Suggestion on this Please Help.


Ajay Chandra

Hello Ajay ,

as far as I know there is a solution for this issue with version 7.2.1 PL 11.