Problems in receiving EDIINT AS2 documents


My trading partner is trying to send me EDI documents via EDIINT AS2.
I can view the transaction in TN console, but sender, receiver and document type are unknown and the processing status is “ABORTED”.

The activity log in TN shows the error: 'Partner XYZ sent this document posing as Unknown"

As TN shows, its a security error.

The URL I gave them ends up with
I also tried with wm.EDIINT/receive, but its not working.

Both these services are giving different errors to the partner.

tn:receive gives
HTTP_Error_Response(403 Access denied)

while, EDIINT:receive gives
Error(HTTP_Error_Response(401 [ISS.0084.9004] Access Denied)

Please help me in this regard.


For EDIINT AS2 you should always use EDIINT:receive (TN gateway service) and access denied indicates some ACL/certificates issue…Check the ACL of that service and also what username/pwd they are using while invoking the EDIINT:receive via secured https connection?? Does all your TN AS2 configuration in place??

Also Increase the logging level and check the server/error logs for more info…