is there anyone who knows the service will retrieve the doc
</ Order>, then the value </ BuyerOrderNumber> the following document

thank you for your help

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?> <?soxtype urn:x-commerceone:document:com:commerceone:XCBL35:XCBL35.sox$1.0?> <[B]BuyerOrderNumber>9310003942[/b] ]]>



Use services from pub.XML folder to convert the xml into IS document. You can use xmlstringtoxmlnode and xmlnodetodocument. After this you shall be able to retreive the required fields.

Hope this helps


Can someone help me is urgent

I sent the message in TN, now how to write a doc on the hard drive and then changed the status and paid the doc on the hub

You are missing some basic things here, you need to have your TN document defined first in your TN. Then you should post the document to TN, and create a processing rule to match the criteria for Sender/Receive/DocumentType and make it to invoke a service. That service should get the xml content from bizdoc/Content, convert it to string, convert the string to xmlNode and use queryXmlNOde to retrieve the BuyerOrder number in the XQL/WQL query.

I sent the message in TN, now how to write a doc on the hard drive and then changed the status and paid the doc on the hub

You have to create a Processing Rule in TN, and have matching criteria , for e.g. here you can give the doc type name. Then in the action, Execute a service, that service should be present on the IS. In the service, you need to have bizdoc as the input, a doc reference of The first step of the service should be convert the bizdoc/content to string using pub.string:bytesToString. YOu now have the content, you can save the doc to Hard disk using writeToFile and update status using an adapter. This is a standard/basic B2B Integration scenario which you can get if you go through TN users guide thoroughly. Please carefully follow the documentation before you proceed further on


I sent the doc to TN and I extract the order, now I want to write the doc clip on the hard disk, then changed the status and pay,

I used the service; sample.IO.test: writetofile, but it not works
Which service should I use to change the status and pay?

I am not sure I got you correct, but if you are reffering to the user status in TN, you can set it in the Processing Rule itself. Or invoke the service,, in your flow service after you writeToFile.
Coming to writeToFile, it should work if the file path is provided correctly. Use debugging services to have save and restore pipelines to check if the values are passed to the service properly


for services save and restorePipeline, I tried to use but it not works, it does not retrieve any data, I do the following: I put the file name on the “filename”

I managed to send the document in TN and was recognized, now I want to create a flow that I will make as a service to run in “Processing rule” that allows you to extract the order and put in the hard disc and change the status, what is the flow?

I did the following flow:

–>CCC.Utils.utils: WriteFile (developed in-house service)
but the content is empty