Problem with WmRosettaNet Package

Hi All !

When I tried to export the WmRosettaNet Package in the WM Developer or from the Admin console, it took forever and finally brought the server down.

Moreover, I’ve noticed recent rebooting IS takes 25 minutes or more. — Is this normal? During that period I checked server.log continuously and saw it waits LONG at “loading WmRosettaNet package” status.

I suspect is this because the pakage may be too large? There are about 30M log files in the \server 3\package\WmRosettaNet \logs directory. After removing old log files the WmRosettaNet is sized 6.8M. But I still can not create a zip file in Package Publishing, it just hangs there. Am I missing something?

Try allocating little more memory for your developer JVM. Did you get any error message?

Thanks PU!

No I never get error message at booting up, only it takes as long as half an hour.

Indeed the server machine doesn’t have enough memory and we are going to move to a new box. I am not sure how to “allocate more meory for developer JVM”?

I am not sure how to “allocate more meory for developer JVM”?

Ans)You can increase the memory in the webmethods/Developer46/bin/Developer.bat file and there is a parameter (-ms16M -mx256M), just try with this