Problem with TransformFlatToHierarchy Service while sending an IDoc to SAP


I am trying to send a Custom Shipment Confirmation Idoc to SAP and I created the Idoc Structure through the DTD and populated all the required values. Now when i send this as an input to TransformHierarchytoFlat Service it doesnt return anything, the boundnode is getting populated correctly but the IDOC_CONTROL or IDOC_DATA values are just blank, If anybody faced this problem earlier please let me know how to deal with it.



the IDOC_CONTROL and IDOC_DATA are the inputs to the TransformHierarchytoFlat Service. I too find that after the execution of the step, the inputs are tampered.

However, boundNote is the data that I continue to use for the rest of the service.

In fact I move the boundNote to a reference of the same IDOC that was used in the conformsTo.


Hi Kamal,

I am having the same problem over here. I have my IDOC information been created as a document list in wemethods. For each document, in that document list, represent an IDOC structure of ORDERS01, and the strucutre do have values.

When i use the TransformHierachytoFlat service, there is an input paramerter called “inbound”, to which i have mapped my document(looping over the document list of my IDOC structure). But i see that output parameters, IDOC_CONTROL AND IDOC_DATA are empty.

Kindly advice me on how to proceed further on this. My structure of my document list which holds the idoc is like this:

8504030finaldoc(orders01) → document => mapping this to “boundNode”
EDI_DC40(inside which it has all its elements)
: etc…

Please help…my head is spinning right now…