Problem with TConnectionPoolManager using with JDK1.4 and we

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In one of my earlier posts, I’d mentioned about the problem with Usage of TEJBConnection with JDK1.4 and Weblogic6.1.

Now, I am trying to get the connection to Tamino Database from the Weblogic container(Version 6.1, Server stated with JDK1.4), but count’ succed as the stack trace says a InvocationTargetException.

Also, Can I use TaminoAPI for Java in Weblogic5.1 server.

Any help in this regard.

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you ask
>>Can I use TaminoAPI for Java in Weblogic5.1 server
Which version of TaminoAPI for Java? If you mean the current community version 3_1_2_4, then this version corrosponds to Weblogic 7.0.
If you talk about a previous TaminoAPI version (prior to 3_1_2_x), then Weblogic 6.1 is supported.
Since TaminoAPI4J 3_1_2_x we can no longer support Weblogic 6.1, because the XML parser used by Weblogic is not compatible with the one used by the TaminoAPI.

I assume Weblogic 5.1 is a typo. If not, we do not support Weblogic 5.1.

I hope this helps.