Problem with Remote server connection

Hi All,

I am experiencing one difficult problem that I am not able to connect to remote servers. Till last week it was working fine, suddenly its giving the following error when i connect to remote servers.

Unable to connect to remote server testytest: [ISC.0064.9314] Authorization Required: [ISS.0084.9001] Invalid credentials

If I connect to remote server user name as Administrator and password as manage, its getting connection fine. If I connect with other username and password I get the above error message. Does any body has an idea on this issue? Please get me out from this issue… really i appreciate for your help



You may have to contact your remote server (IS Admins),see if they have changed your username/pwd or authentication privileges to your a/c…



I am also facing a pbm when testing to the remote server connection.
The error message thrown is ,

“Unable to connect to remote server Connection timed out: connect”.

appreciate all your inputs on this issue.

Thanks in advance,

Either the server has gone off-line or (new) firewall rules are blocking the connection.

Hi Raemon,

Thanks for the reply. I found that I was not abe to telnet to the concerned remote server. Hence onnections from webMethods was also getting timed out due to the same reason.

But currently when I try to add a subscriber for a package I’m getting the error,
" This error was returned by a remote server: Error: is already a subscriber for a package called SsCommon " where ScCommon is the package name.
There are no subscribers visible for this package on the IS page.

I have tried deleting the publisher.cnf and subscriber.cnf files of both the servers involved but still the same error is prevailing.

Appreciate any inputs on this issue. Thanks for your time.


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