Problem with receive via HTTPS with client authentication

We have developed WM flow service to receive text documents and are able to successfully receive documents via HTTP also on HTTPS with SSL clients.

For 1 client who are unable to use the SSL handshake method rather using the user/pass authentication method we are able to successfully receive via HTTP. But they got back that posting using the HTTPs URL to our Reverse Invoke Server they are getting the error “Download of the specified resource has failed”. They are using Visual Basic HTTP object for the posting.

As per them when accessing the HTTPS service URL via browser there is first the digital certificate pop up followed by the authentication userid/password window. Thier posting will be fine if the digital certificate pop up does not come up.

I have tried using various ACL setting for the service “None”, “Anonymous” & “Default” but in call cases the digital certificate window does pop up. Anyone who could help me on this one.

Also another query was if the transmission problem is due to the VB https, all our other clients are using BizTalk or webMethods only


Under the HTTPs Port Configuration, set the client authentication to Request Client Certificates rather than Require Client Certificates.


Hi Ramesh,

Checked that the client authentication is set to “Request Client Certificates” only.

Any other resolution to this issue?


If the client is not supposed for SSL handshake, why will they use HTTPS protocol?As i mentioned earlier, if you set the HTTPs port client authentication to Request Client Certificates, then all the requests coming on this port would behave the same.So, try creating another HTTPs port and make a request on this port.
Also check if the VB https object would require certificates by default.