Problem with IS 6.1

Technical Team,

I have a problem with Integration Server 6.1 version. When I enter server host: port on the browser instead of getting the IS administration screen, I am getting a small picture of a directory structure that shows �parent�. Since one week this problem is occurring.

Steps already done.

I have updated or changed and replaced all the files in the config directory under the IntegrationServer folder.

I found WmRoot package is loading partially and I have replaced this with other servers WmRoot package but there is no use.

Please help me to find out the solution for this problem as soon as possible.


Hi Vamsi,

what was the reason for WmRoot loading partially?

Did you apply any Fixes modifying the WmRoot package?

It is essential to elaborate that, otherwise you will have to reinstall the IS via the installer using the “replace corrupt installation” option.



I installed many IS65 and I have the same problem as Vamsi on 1 IS.

Could you help me to find out a solution