Problem with "getId()"


I have problem which I think is weird!

The getId() function returns an empty string (not null either). I applied XQuery to retrieve a full document and tried to getId() from the result.

Is this a very common problem? Are there any limitations like this when the results are obtained using XQuery?

Thanks in anticipation.

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Hi Gopal,
getId() return ino:id. And Tamino doen’t return ino:id if you are using XQuery. It returns ino:id in the response only if you are using X-Query.

In short if you use accessor.xquery() method to retrieve document from tamino you won’t get ino:id and thats why you get empty string when you call getId().

You will be able to get ino:id if you use accessor.query() method to retrieve document.

Hope this clarify your doubt.

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Vikram Shinde

Hi Vikram,


- Gopal.

I used this to get ino:id again

declare namespace
tf = ‘

for $q in input()/SomeSchema



Do you know some easier way to do it?


Hi i’ve the some problem with ino:id and ino:docname. I think they maybe related. Is this applicable also to ino:docname?